Intel® Rendering Framework

using Software Defined Visualization

The Intel® Rendering Framework includes high performing parallel software rendering libraries Intel® OpenSWR, Intel® Embree, Intel® OSPRay and Intel® OpenImageDenoise. These libraries have been created using a methodology and open source community initiative known as Software Defined Visualization (SDVis) from Intel and industry collaborators to improve the visual fidelity, performance, and efficiency of prominent visualization solutions – with a particular emphasis on supporting the rapidly growing “Big Data” usage on workstations, 3D motion picture animation and visual effects infrastructures, and HPC supercomputing clusters without the memory limitations and cost of GPU based solutions. For example, many major visualization tools such as ParaView, VisIt (binary packages), and VMD have adopted the Intel® Rendering Framework as well as professional, photorealistic rendering solutions like Dreamworks MoonRay renderer, and Chaos Group VRay and Corona rendering solutions. For more information and access to the libraries (including source) follow the links below.

For more background on the SDVis initiative, see this presentation at IEEE Vis 2016. A paper about OSPRay – A CPU Ray Tracing Framework for Scientific Visualization has been accepted at IEEE Vis as well (smaller version), see also the slides of the talk.

To learn more about the Intel Rendering Framework open source projects:

Embree Ray Tracing Kernel Library

OSPRay Distributed Ray Tracing Infrastructure

OpenSWR OpenGL Software Rasterizer

Intel® Parallel Computing Center collaborators: